Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Goodbye Cruel East coast

Well, I suppose its not all that bad. I'm gonna miss where I live now. It has a certain appeal that will always make it nice to come back to. I think if I ever do come back, it most definitely will not be the same. There's to much urban sprawl going on around here.

So for any of you folks who might actually read this to find out what I've been up to, I've accepted a new job Headquartered in Denver, CO, where I'll be working a majority of the time. I'll get the chance to travel to other various countries and continents for 4-6 weeks a year as well.

In retrospect, its been a good summer here. I've raced my bike in several races, was ranked 2nd in PA for Cat 5 Crits for a while, and overall had a ton of fun doing it. My work schedule caused my fitness to slack towards the end of the summer, and I didn't do so hot in the last races. I think my first race I did this summer, I was in peak condition, and it only got worse. Oh well.

I'd also say its been a good last 7 years, since I've graduated college. I found a good job that taught me a lot, and had some really awesome people to work with. I most certainly wouldn't be where I am today professionally, if it weren't for the people I've worked with and learned from. I just feel its time to move on to something different. The fact that I get to that in Denver is certainly a bonus. I told myself I'd at least retire in the front range some somewhere.

Probably the hardest thing about leaving though is giving up my Fire Dept. activity. I'm going to miss that. Long term, I hope to move to an area that at least has a combination Volly/Career dept. I'd also like to join the ski patrol at some point, but I've gotta get a lot better at skiing to pass their tests.

Oh well. I'll try and update this thing more, with my moving experience, and such as things get on. Here's to jumping into a new adventure! Cheers.