Monday, April 03, 2006

50 miles of LSD

The weather was great yesterday and just begging to be enjoyed, so MR and I decided to go for a nice LSD ride. He has a Triathlon coming up soon at Gifford Pinchot park, and wanted to go see what the bike leg is going to be like, so we rode down there, did about 1.5 loops, and rode back home. Totaling about 50 miles in just over 3 hours. We took our time. I was still recovering from last Thursdays racquetball game, followed by a bike ride on Friday that left me feeling awful. I managed to get a sunburn on my arms though... Oh the Horror! I got a sunburn in April. Guess I'll be working my way up to one of those cyclists tans soon.

Yup, you read that right, I tried to play racquetball against MR last Thursday. Its been several years since I've played, and I was never very good to begin with... So yes, of course I got beat, pretty bad actually, but it was nothing unexpected to me. MR seemed pretty happy that he beat me, but to me that's like saying that it felt great to beat a 10 year old in a 400 meter sprint... hehe. Oh well. He did manage to find a really good serve that I was having a difficult time returning, which was half my problem. So all in all, by the time Saturday rolled around, I could barely move, I can't believe all the muscles that got used playing that game. Crazy. It was fun none the less, and hope to play again.